Visa Investor Service

Specialist Investment

As a UK FCA authorised firm that provides bespoke compliant portfolios, we are in a position to advise on Visa Investments. Each of our portfolios reflect our client's time constraints, risk tolerance, individual aims and objectives.

Other specific benefits for you of our approach to investment visa requirements, Tiers 1 and 2, include:

  • We only deal in liquid and direct stock so your assets are always accessible and your visa requirements fulfilled.
  • Our portfolios can be structured from lower risk conservative strategies to more aggressive higher risk strategies.
  • We will only follow a strategy that we believe is suitable for you and meets your investment needs. Strategies will be based on your circumstances and are only decided after comprehensive discussions with you and your legal or immigration advisor.
  • Our reporting system keeps you up to date with your portfolio on a daily basis and allows you and your advisers to maintain an on-going oversight to ensure immigration criteria is always met.
  • Every portfolio is custom made according to your needs.
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Additionally, our flexible approach to investment has significant advantages whether you want a degree of safety for the duration of the visa or if you choose a more active investment strategy. We work closely with your immigration advisor throughout the period of the investment.

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